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Acquisitions & Divestitures Advisory Services
for the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

Digging Deeper

We have the technical expertise and transactional experience to know what’s beneath the surface.

A proven track record
in the oil & gas sector

Powered by market-leading research, cutting‑edge analytics, and clearly documented sell‑side processes.

>130 Transactions

$6B Upstream

>1M Net

We represent engagements throughout the United States

Working interests and mineral/royalty opportunities in the middle-market upstream oil and gas sector.

Current Engagements

Our middle-market transaction profile

Our services are built to maximize value through robust technical analysis, our proprietary buyer network, in-depth knowledge of today’s energy market, and a thorough marketing process.

$30MM-$500MM+ Asset Value

Upstream Oil & Gas

Mid-Cap A&D Market

Asset- Agnostic

Our affiliate, PetroDivest Advisors, serves the lower middle market upstream oil & gas sector with the most technically sound packages available for packages between $10-$40MM.

Past Engagements

Our clients range from small, family-owned businesses to large-cap multi-nationals.