Our firm’s mission is to assist our clients through the growth and monetization phases of their business through our market-leading research, cutting-edge analytics, and seamless, well-documented sell-side processes. Our principals take active roles in all aspects of our advisory assignments, ensuring your project receives the attention and expertise required to achieve your strategic goals.

Why Hire Detring

Detring Energy Advisors’ founders have an in-depth understanding of today’s energy market environment, including key drivers in Acquisitions & Divestitures, public markets and commodities. Our expertise ensures that our clients are well prepared to evaluate strategic alternatives and make fully informed decisions regarding the path forward for their company.
Our team has over 25 years of experience advising energy companies, from large-cap multi-nationals to small, family-owned businesses. We know how to speak the language of operators and financial partners, both large and small, to ensure our clients receive the best deal possible.
Analyzing your assets, packaging them for sale and running a thorough marketing process all require a significant investment of time and A&D expertise. Working with our firm enables you to concentrate on running your company while we work to achieve the highest possible value for your assets, ensuring the divestiture process doesn’t cannibalize the daily operations of your firm.
Detring Energy Advisors is a streamlined firm focused on transacting only a handful of deals each year, ensuring your assets will receive the time and attention they deserve from senior team members. Not only is each mandate vital to our firm’s reputation and financial success, but our mandates also do not compete for time and marketing exposure with other in-house engagements.

Our Services

  • Sell-Side Processes (Divestitures)
  • Corporate and Asset Valuations
  • Technical and Financial Modeling
  • Well Performance Analysis
  • Buy-Side Processes (Acquisitions)
  • Corporate Planning
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Basin Studies